Art of Excellence

As a new field of activity, we provide all-in service for athletes regarding public relations, sponsoring and content creation. Therefore, athletes can fully focus on what they do best: performing their sports.

For brands, we offer a full variety of services including content production and campaign shootings (photo and video) or athlete & project sponsoring.




Sara Marita Kramer Skijumping
Sophie Sorschag Skijumping
Stefan Spießberger Kitesurfing
Red Bull Skydive Team Skydiving
Dieter Rudolf Enduro
Lukas Haigermoser Surfing
Mondraker Racing MTB
Phil Josephu Skateboarding
Jaka Remec BMX
Marin Rantes BMX
Senad Grosic BMX
Max Glatzl Snowboarding
Tina Pesendorfer Wheelchair Tennis
Hannes Klausner MTB Freeride
Felix Widnig Snowboarding
Dominik Wagner Snowboarding
Thomas Kigle Snowboarding
Lukas Kaufmann Bike Endurance